Mist Covered Mountains of Home

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Mark Mardon performs Celtic and American folk melodies on a Dolmetsch tenor recorder

Folks, I invite you to listen to my second album-length CD, Mist Covered Mountains of Home! It’s a deeply soulful collection of Celtic and American folk melodies on tenor recorder.

The 15-song album  showcases my playing on a vintage Dolmetsch tenor recorder made of African blackwood — one of the hardest, densest woods in the world. The Dolmetsch, unlike most Baroque-style recorders, renders a bell-clear sound, vibrant and rich with character.

The result is a unique album: I have been playing by ear since the mid-1970s, when I first took a recorder to the Andes and learned the traditional huaynos of the Quechua people. I have been playing for mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, skies, birds and people ever since.

This recording took place in the summer of 2012 at BlackMardon Studios in Millbrook, New York.

Recording Engineer Aaron Black captured a clear, resonant sound in a CD that brings out the finest shadings and brilliant highlights of my recorder playing. The songs on this album reflect my life-long passion for misty mountain landscapes, echoing valleys, ocean cliffs and the romance of ancient times.

The tenor recorder — played in the distinctive style that has earned me rave revues from YouTube viewers all over the world since 2007 (where I have been known as Cinderbutte) — forms a soundscape of traditional and modern Celtic and other folk songs and original compositions. One paean to Americana, “This Land is Your Land,” honors Pete Seeger and provides the context for all the other songs.

MistCoveredMountainsBackCoverPeople who have heard me perform live in outdoor settings — including a host of appreciative folks at world-renowned spiritual retreat Omega Institute in New York’s Hudson Valley — will especially appreciate the high-quality rendering of this recording. The clear-as-a-bell audio brings out the Dolmetsch recorder’s exquisite sound, and every inflection of intonation. This sound has made me a host of friends and admirers for over 35 years, from mountain climbers, kayakers, yogis, and meditators to harpists, classical and folk guitarists, forest hikers, wild birds, barn animals, world musicians, Burning Man festival participants and more. Legions of tourists and young lovers have experienced me performing live in the tunnels and arboretum of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Now residing in New York’s Hudson Valley, near Omega, I have brought my sound to the East Coast and am taking New York by storm!

Copies of the Mist Covered Mountains of Home can be purchased for $15 each plus shipping. PayPal payments welcome.


Serenity. Reverie. Romance. Soul.


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What people have been saying about my music on YouTube:

“Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.” — Celtic Angel

“I feel from your playing and general presentation you are deeply spiritual and also quite an old soul.” — Alexis Abrahams

“Wow… and to think, I’ve always thought of the recorder as that instrument that our music teacher had us all learn in 4th grade… I never knew a recorder could have that rich of a tone. Positively beautiful.” — stwsti5926

“I can’t believe you can’t read music! This gives the rest of us hope that one day we could play as well as you.” — Paul E


“You inspired me to play more and more.” — Jimmy Christyan Weinschutz

“Very good vibrato.” — James Keige

“Your tone rocks big time!” — 88flex88

“You speak with your instrument.” — fi3nd3r2012

“A true inspiration.” — driftingoncloud9

“You brought that sound out with such beauty and musicality that I nearly cried.” — StopTheMotion

“I sometimes set your music to porn for that extra bit of class.” — Alex N